Hale & Hearty began as a small family operation in the heart of Waterloo Sydney. We opened our doors in 2015 with the best of intentions, and the goal to provide a diverse menu that catered to a community that needed gluten free, dairy free and vegan options. 

As time went on we became well known for our gluten free rice flour pancakes, and basically slowed down the development process of all other food ideas which by default made us "THAT PANCAKE PLACE" with our audience and guests. This was good for a while but meant our menu as a whole lacked depth, and the type of ethos we originally set out to achieve.

Our menu although healthy on the surface, was actually doing more harm than good. Our eyes began to open wider once we researched the ingredients and chemicals added to all the so called "HEALTHY OPTIONS" we served like alternative milks, fresh fruit and vegetables. What we uncovered was a plethora of inconsistencies and additives which in fact were doing more harm than good to us, and of course more importantly "YOU" our guests.

So in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 world pandemic we were forced to close our two stores and re-think our whole operation. What we decided was that we no longer wanted to add to the "PROBLEMS" of the world, and instead be advocates for the "SOLUTIONS" available. These changes we are referring to are necessary for our survival, the survival of animals and the planet we call home!

We went "PLANT BASED" Yes! We are now a VEGAN fast food restaurant, because we refuse to further add to the demise of this planet, and the deterioration of mankind's health. In addition to being vegan now we will only purchase and supply products that are non GMO and chemical free which include milks, the dirty dozen fruit and vegetable range, grains, seeds, nuts, flour, bread, frozen produce & more...