The Alternative Food Company

servicing the vegan, gluten free, dairy free and the I quit sugar enthusiasts of Sydney

The alternative Food Company


Who are we?

Hale & Hearty is a small, alternative food restaurant serving up Gluten Free, Dairy free & Vegan friendly meals for the healthy at heart. 

We are known for our fluffy triple stack Gluten Free pancakes, and have recently expanded our menu to begin offering delicious Vegan burgers & salads. 

With summer around the corner, our smoothie bowl and smoothie menu should keep you cool, too!


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We specialise in Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, and Vegan friendly meals for the healthy at heart.


Opening Hours

Mon - 7am to 5pm
Tues - 7am to 5pm
Wed - 7am to 5pm
Thur - 7am to 5pm
Fri - 7am to 5pm
Sat - 8am to 6pm
Sun - 8am to 6pm



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How can something so delicious not be bad for you!?
— Sara Golchin-Ilioski